We help your ideas come to life and solve your difficult software challenges.

What can we do for you:

Above everything, we love to use latest technologies that are appropriate for current technical challenges.
Tech is changing every day and it is very hard for feature teams to keep up with all latest developments. We can help offload your existing team code debts.

Make Something New

Initial (MVP) prototypeStreamline your app development process (continuous delivery / integration)Mobile web appsProgressive apps !High performance API (rails/node/elixir)

Help With Current Project / Support & Rescue

Upgrade your codebase (rails/gems, js)Refactor into modular pieces (we use trailblazer)
Refactor using micro-servicesRefactor using React.js or Vue.jsResolve performance issuesStreamline frontend, Make website responsive

* Our expertise is in ruby/rails, elixir/phoenix and nodejs ecosystems.


devEngine idea is idea about simplicity. Simplicity of solutions and process, as well as simplicity and clarity of interacting with client and project status.

Contact Us

Let's start conversation. Talk to me about your idea, challenges you are facing or development process.

Contact me through email or twitter or whatsapp.